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Is it just me but writing an about me page gives me so much anxiety. Not knowing what to include and what not to include. Trying to avoid corny lines and staying clear from too much information. Trying to describe what you’re all about in the simplest but most sophisticating way. Thinking of a perfect way to start and the best way to end. Yes? Just me? Oh well…..here’s to me trying…..?

If you’re curious, then you must want to know what this blog and blogger entails. Well, my name is Benita Okafor and I am a content creator whose brand is based on fiction, food and lifestyle blogging. 

So here’s a little blog where I share fiction stories that hopefully inspires, teaches or give a laugh, recipes (which by the way are delicious and you’ve got to try), lifestyle posts including but not limited to my faith, personal experiences, learned tips and tricks and in general my journey through life as a young 20 something year old. This is of course with the hope that I am able to inspire, encourage and motivate others. When the time comes and your girl is able to afford trips (isn’t this everyone’s dream?), hopefully, some useful travel logs too. ?



Benita Okafor is the author of novellas forbidden love, I married a madman and Yejide. She is a writer and blogger who hails from Nigeria but is currently based in Canada. Benita is also a part-time Youtuber and shares many contents with her subscribers including food recipes, reviews, lifestyle posts and personal experiences.



So there you have it, a summary about me and my blog. That wasn’t exactly hard, whew! I hope you found the summary worth reading. Thanks for stopping by. Your presence is very much appreciated. Now I’d like to meet you guys, so say hi in the comment sections below and let’s know who you are. Don’t forget to drop a blog if you own one. Let’s connect! Would sure love to stop by yours too. 



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Hiya!!! ^_^
I nominated you for the very inspiring blogger award. Thanks for inspiring me. Here’s a link to read what I wrote about you.

I really love your blog


Sorry. the link in the previous message doesn’t seem to work. here’s a new one


J LeClair

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Wonderful to connect with another blogger. I look forward to reading more of your posts, Jessy