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An Open Letter To My Friends (old, new, and lost contacts)

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Dear friends,

I hope you all get to see this and not get entangled in the busy business called life as we all have been throughout the year. This is just a little piece to let you guys know that I have been thinking of you, I’m truly grateful for you and also that I’m sorry if I never got to show for it. As we grow each year, it almost seems like life gets busier and the less we see or hear from each other. I will spare you the excuses that I have for not reaching out, but you should know this, I always thought of you and I truly miss you. Maybe I felt overwhelmed trying to catch up with so much or maybe I had second thoughts on how you would react to my messages or calls but my maybes are no action, right? However, I still think of you, how you are, how life has been for you, and where you are now. Your friendship to me has taught or blessed me with something special, somehow and in some way.

To my childhood friends, I miss our silly playlets, our fun games and moments shared together. Those times we plucked fruits, played cards, police and thief, I call on, tinko tinko, cinderella, Mr macaroni, and so many more. Our cookings in empty tin containers with sand and stones as jollof rice and chicken. Dancing in the rain with nothing to worry about and prancing all around the compound with all the time we had. Singing to the sounds of the wind and dancing to the beats of bucket drums.

To my junior school friends, I didn’t get to spend the six years with you but I met a lot of wonderful people and learned a great deal from you guys. I remember those funny jss 1 days in the hostel where we had to run to the bathroom to keep space once we heard the morning bell, oh lord. Crying and at the same time consoling each other whenever we missed home (by the way, shout out to room 8 girls, the drama in that room and the only room filled with all Igbo girls ?), then getting into trouble for late assignment submissions, playing games in the hostel when we were supposed to be having our siesta, running away from seniors with a billion errands or requests. The joy of leaving school for chess club outings and the mini funny dramas in class.

To the amazing friends I made in senior school and our moments shared together, I miss our fun gists, our dance times, our notorious acts, praying together, rubbing heads together and helping each other pass-through tough times in school (just remembering high school makes me laugh lol). The days when we had to look for ways to laugh even while on punishment (those punishments were not funny by the way ?), chesting canes for failing chemistry test, fighting sleep in morning devotions and then in class, battling with our teachers to leave our free period alone (e.g physics ?and still receiving punishment on top), our failed dance attempts and inside jokes. ??‍♀️

To all the wonderful people I met and friends I made in uni, work, church and anywhere possible, I have learned so much from you and shared many great moments with you as well. I truly cherish our friendship and can’t wait to explore this other phase of life with you.

There’s still so much I remember and so much to say but I will end it here for now. So, friends, we may not speak as often as I’d hope but this is to every single one of you – thanks for being a listening ear when I needed someone to talk to, thanks for sharing a laugh when I needed joy, thanks for sharing my celebrations, thanks for all the encouragements, thanks for the advice, thanks for the fun and splash of colors you all brought into my life and thanks for allowing me into yours. Thanks for taking me as I am and thanks for loving me for who I am. I am forever grateful for everything.

My heart bursts with excitement as I write this and even though some of us are still getting used to this adulthood of a thing (e.g me), I cannot wait to explore what life has ahead of us. In other words ?, I cannot wait to start getting invitations to your weddings, the launch of your businesses, and to many other celebrations and achievements. Even though some of us have gone our separate ways now or lost contacts for one reason or another, I hope you see this and know that I appreciate you for sharing a moment and part of my life. I only wish the best for you.

My prayers for you all are that you continue to experience the happiness that flows like a river, enjoy God’s peace that also speaks good health and God’s favor that brings prosperity in Jesus’ name. We will not hear of any death and only celebrate good news and testimonies. Amen? Amen!

Cheers to the great moments we had and to a beautiful friendship forever. ?

Yours sincerely,


P.S – This was written a while back but also would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance. Hope to see you in 2019. ??

Love you ❤️

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