Before I do (Short Story)

I watch from left to right, smiling at the faces smiling at me, bewildered by the apparels worn by my witnesses. To my right was aunty Anne in her firmly tied gele blowing kisses in the congregation, uncle Jide with his big cream colored agbada giving me a thumbs up, Isabella standing in her little pink dress as she gazed at every detail on my wedding dress, and poor Michael crying to his mom while focused on the two components that stood on her chest.

An Open Letter To My Friends (old, new, and lost contacts)

Dear friends,

I hope you all get to see this and not get entangled in the busy business called life as we all have been throughout the year. This is just a little piece to let you guys know that I have been thinking of you, I’m truly grateful for you and also that I’m sorry if I never got to show for it. As we grow each year, it almost seems like

Jummai, the young wife (The Bridal Series) Complete Short Story.

    “I’m sure Jummai will be a good wife.” With Jummai sitting beside Habibah, her sister and her veil covering her face, she could hear her mother greeting the man whom she was to call her husband in the future. Danjuma who used to be their neighbor had come to visit Jummai’s parents with …