Before I do (Short Story)

I watch from left to right, smiling at the faces smiling at me, bewildered by the apparels worn by my witnesses. To my right was aunty Anne in her firmly tied gele blowing kisses in the congregation, uncle Jide with his big cream colored agbada giving me a thumbs up, Isabella standing in her little pink dress as she gazed at every detail on my wedding dress, and poor Michael crying to his mom while focused on the two components that stood on her chest.

Jide's hunt for a wife (episode 4/final episode)

  If you haven’t read the previous episode, click Jide’s hunt for a wife (episode 3) After our big argument, Yinka took me to meet her family five days later. When I saw Yinka’s ‘family’, I was surprised because Yinka’s parents looked more like siblings to her than parents because they looked younger than I expected. …

Jummai, the young wife (The Bridal Series) Complete Short Story.

    “I’m sure Jummai will be a good wife.” With Jummai sitting beside Habibah, her sister and her veil covering her face, she could hear her mother greeting the man whom she was to call her husband in the future. Danjuma who used to be their neighbor had come to visit Jummai’s parents with …

JIDE'S HUNT FOR A WIFE (episode 1)

So my friend had invited me to this new year’s party that his Uncle and aunt were throwing. He already told me that a lot of people would be there including many ‘singles’ as it wasn’t just a family thing. I was quite happy because this was another opportunity to continue my wife hunt. My …

Daddy's Little Girl (part 2/final part)

As time went on and I grew older, I realized what I was doing with my dad was abominable but it didn’t stop me from allowing it. I knew what it meant and the implications but I felt like because it had started and I had allowed it in the first place, there was no point stopping it. If I had destroyed my future, then I had destroyed it long ago, those were my exact thoughts.