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Challenge Accepted

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Hi guys,

It’s been a while since I posted anything on here and on Youtube and while I want to spare you the excuses that came with my sudden disappearance again, life happens and this time I want to believe the break was very well needed. While I was away, I did a lot of research and made a lot of discoveries that I believe has and will change my life. People who know me tend to think I’m overly introverted and I kinda agree with it. Did I say kinda? There are some cons that come with it and I feel like a part of my personality has in some way inhibited me from doing and achieving a lot of things. I’ve grown since learning some things about myself but I think there isn’t a limit to growth. Guess what? I used to be that girl that owned a blog and didn’t want to say anything about it to anyone. I almost thought of even going anonymous. This challenge I am embarking on is one that I believe will get me to see life with a new and much more refreshing perspective.

I’ve contemplated really taking this challenge seriously for months because this will require me to step out of my comfort zone. To me, I believe this will be an amazing journey, a journey where I can be myself and share things that I love and believe will help me and hopefully you somehow and in some way. Be it from the fiction stories you will see, poetry, articles, food videos,  discussions, lifestyle posts and many more both here and on Youtube. This challenge is set to help me and you so I will be sharing some of the little experiences I have and useful tools that will strike us to be the better and the best versions of ourselves. When I was younger, one of the quotes I used to chant was;

You have the potential to be better than the best.

Today I am saying;

You have the potential to be a way better version of yourself, one you and others never expected or imagined. 

I may not have everything or be knowledgeable on everything about life but one thing I believe is that there are always people who think alike, so also are people who share the same dreams, share the same struggles, share the same views and in general may even share the same perception of life. I want to rub minds with you, my fellow readers and I want us to the best that we can.

So here’s to a new chapter on ?

The challenge is to be me, myself and I. Yes, you heard it right. You may ask….aren’t you already you? Technically I am, but I want to take it a step further by ending my fears and putting in the effort to be a better Benita at everything I do. This challenge is to own my unique identity. This challenge will require me to think outside the box too. This is a challenge of a lifetime and a challenge I want to try to stick with so I will also need your help and support. And I pray for God’s Grace and strength. As a very young 20 something year old, life has been a short and long journey for me. One with bad and beautiful views, many stops, lots of bumps and hits, most especially in discovering myself, my interests, struggles, and dreams. I will be starting off with some open letters, some written months back because I found writing as one of the power tools apart from God that helped me get through some of life’s struggles and challenges. Then comes the fun stuffs which you will get to see too. ?

I called this a challenge because I am going to be publishing those writings I just thought were meant for my eyes only, create those videos I thought would be a waste of time and share some of my experiences (something I don’t do much of) but of course, this is in hope that we could all learn from and help each other navigate through this stormy sea called life.

I will end it here for now but until another post, stay tuned friends.

Will you take this challenge with me? Will you try to be the better version of yourself in the best way possible?

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