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Daddy's Little Girl (part 2/final part)

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Another day went by and I was counting down to the moment I would see mum again. By this time, the pain had subsided. The painkillers really worked for me because I was slowly getting back to the Jasmine I used to be. Everything went on casually and so mum finally returned on a Sunday afternoon. We hadn’t gone to church that day because dad said he wanted to go pick up mum at the airport. He didn’t allow me to go with him, I wasn’t sure why so I waited anxiously for him to return with mum. When she got back, I ran to hug her. Even though I didn’t like when mum was around because sometimes she complained about almost everything I did, I missed her. We helped with her bags as we went inside together. She told us about her trip after dad had asked how it went so we talked for a while until she said she needed to rest. When she was at sleep, my dad came to meet me and told me not to say anything to mum about the pain I was feeling because according to him; “Mum would be worried for no reason.”

I didn’t know this man I called my father had taken advantage of me by having sex with me while being unconscious that night. He must have given me some drugs to remain unconscious for a long time and so that I also wouldn’t be able to remember what happened. Weeks went by and nothing happened. There were no suspicions whatsoever. Dad had gone on a trip and returned with more gifts for us (mum and me). School had also started so I was back in school. I was in my first year in secondary school so I was quite excited.

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Two days after dad’s return from one of his trip, he came to my room one night. I thought he was coming to check up on me as usual because he always did that every night but this time was different. He came and sat down beside me. I had been reading for one of my tests when he said that he needed to tell me something. I closed the notebook and sat up to listen to him. He told me how much he loved and was proud of me. He said a lot of things about how he only wanted me to happy but that he needed a big favor from me. I was very eager to hear him out because I was willing to do him any favor, after all, that he had done for me, so I thought. He finally said that he wanted us to be secret lovers. I can’t remember how he said it but that was his intention. He said he wanted to only be with me but wanted us to keep it a secret. I remember being confused as to what he truly meant until he moved closer and pecked me on the lips. As awkward as it felt, it wasn’t the first time I pecked my dad on the lips because it usually never meant anything other than father/daughter love. He went further to take off my clothes and before I knew it, my dad was having sex with me. I didn’t scream though I was in pain. I knew what he was doing but I only closed my eyes to ease the pain and awkwardness. All this happened under the same roof my mum was sleeping. She hadn’t even come out to look for dad or check up on me. He wasn’t even scared of getting caught. He was only focused on the moment I was with him. My heart had been racing because I was scared but either way, it continued. With everything my mum had warned me about, I was there doing it with my own father right under her nose. After everything, my dad pecked me and left my room saying he had to leave before mum would come looking for him. I sat on my bed trying to figure out what just happened. That was the day I screwed up. He started getting me even more gifts and not a thing was suspected by my mum.

Many nights after, my dad sneaked more into my room whether my mum was around or not. He only waited for her to be deep in her sleep because, during those times, nothing could wake her up especially after a hectic day at work. I found myself getting used to it so it no longer meant anything other than my dad coming to spend time with me. One day my mum even came to my room when I was trying to change my bed sheets. She came in to ask about something but saw a little blood stain that was on my bed. That blood stain had been from the night when I was raped by my dad while being unconscious. I hadn’t started seeing my period then so she was curious to know what happened. I also hadn’t known by then how the stain came about so I assumed it was a stain from a drink. My mum didn’t have any reason to think I was lying so she said ‘okay’ and left my room without asking any more questions.

As time went on and I grew older, I realized what I was doing with my dad was abominable but it didn’t stop me from allowing it. I knew what it meant and the implications but I felt like because it had started and I had allowed it in the first place, there was no point stopping it. If I had destroyed my future, then I had destroyed it long ago, those were my exact thoughts. Days before I was going into the boarding house for my first year in senior secondary school, my mum had called me to give me a pep talk. She warned me about boys and male teachers and everything that she didn’t want me doing or getting involved in. She made me promise that I still remain a virgin not knowing that I had lost it a long time ago by the same person she called her husband. My mum was a good mother but she didn’t pay so much attention when it came to certain things, so many secrets I kept from her.

My dad at first was against me going to the boarding house but my mum had convinced him that it was best for me so when I came back for the holiday, he was really excited to see me. The night I came back, he sneaked into my room again to make me ‘greet’ him the way he wanted me to but I was feeling very irritated. I told him that I wasn’t in the mood and wanted to sleep but he kept begging me and telling me to behave myself. I sat up and told him that I no longer wanted to do anything with him because I was getting sick of it. My mother’s words haunted me throughout the semester while in the hostel and it just got me thinking of everything. Even many of the Sundays that I attended our school’s church, I felt like the pastor was talking to me because he had preached about a lot of things that I could relate to. I even gave my life to Christ and cried that night when I went back to the hostel. I was feeling too disgusted with myself, I couldn’t imagine how everyone would feel once they found out that what ‘daddy’ had been doing with his ‘little girl’. So I told my dad when he was persistent to get what he wanted that I was a born again and no longer a sinner like him. I no longer saw him as the father I knew so I didn’t care if I was rude to him. He got very angry and said that he would be back for me again before leaving my room.

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The next day, I wore very tight jean shorts before putting on my pajamas pants because my mind was made up to discontinue whatever that was going on between my dad and I. It got me really sick because I couldn’t tell anyone especially my mum about it. I didn’t want to break her marriage even though it was already broken. When my dad came to my room that night, he tried acting nice so that I would let him have sex with me but I refused yet again. He tried taking off my pajamas pants but when he saw the shorts I was wearing, he let me go. My dad was becoming something else and it was scaring me. After one week and my dad’s previous attempts to sleep with me, I became less scared because now I thought he had given up. It wasn’t until one night he came to my room when I was deep in sleep. He had already taken off my pyjamas when I felt a weight on me and woke up to see my dad almost doing to me what I had been trying to avoid. I struggled with him and tried not to scream but when I couldn’t bear it, I let out a loud scream. At this time, he was already raping me so he was lost in pleasure. I was in tears and screaming at the same time hoping that my mum would walk in. I didn’t care anymore, I just wanted this to be over with. Just at that moment, my prayers were answered because my mum walked in and met my dad raping me. I couldn’t even see her face properly but I knew she would be in shock. My dad hadn’t even stopped until my mum came and hit him with the side lamp that was beside my bed before he came back to his senses by screaming and letting me go. I cuddled up in a corner of my bed with tears running down from my eyes and mum holding me close to her. Her eyes were already watery and I could see that she was going through a lot. She glanced at my dad who was on the floor, rolling in pain. My mum must have hit him hard because I could see blood on his hands. Before I even knew it, my mum burst into tears and rained curses on my dad. She helped me up and took me out of my room, leaving my dad on the floor with blood everywhere. She finally reached for her phone and called the police. At this time, my heart was racing because she was actually calling the police for my dad. She even went around to lock the doors so that he wouldn’t think of escaping until the police arrive. My mum was distraught and still in shock. She couldn’t believe that her husband of almost twenty years would do such to their only child. Before the police arrived, my dad had tried escaping but my mum had stopped him. He even slapped my mum and shouted at her to get out of his way but she stood in the way. I was standing and watching all this, not knowing what I could do. My dad finally turned to look at me and his eyes showed anger. He looked like he would kill me if he was any closer to me. “You!” he shouted, looking at me. My mum had told me to enter one of the rooms so he wouldn’t touch me. I had obeyed and could only hear their conversation. My mum screamed and yelled at him. I could hear the bitterness in her voice. I knew she would be crying as she was talking even though my dad was telling her to shut up and move away. There was not even a little tone of regret in his voice.

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The police finally arrived and they surrounded the house. At this time, my mum had let them in so I came out of my room to see what was going on. They had already handcuffed my dad. I went over to stand beside my mum when they said that we needed to go to the station with them to write a statement. We followed one of the officers in another car while I watched my dad struggle as they forced him into one of the police vehicles. I couldn’t help but release the tears that already formed in my eyes. As much I as I wished that all that never happened, I was relieved that my dad would no longer abuse me. My mum on the other hand, was left with a scar in her heart. It was only God that was able to mend our wounds. I later realised that I could have spoken out and asked for help instead of thinking it was of no use or too late. Even though this experience remained unforgettable, my mum and I ended up forgiving dad because God gave us the strength we needed to forgive and heal. He reminded us that we too had needed his mercy and acceptance at different points in our life. This did not only remove a burden off our shoulders but allowed us the ability to move on.



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