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Guest post: Pace setter by Ighile Nancy Eseosa (episode 1)

The story you are about to read was written by Ighile Nancy Eseosa, a reader of bigbennytheory. She is a graduate of Microbiology. You can find her @ehhsosa on instagram and @nancyese on twitter. Below is her lovely picture.





She woke up panting and all sweaty, with a hand on her chest, she heaved a sigh of relief and thanked God it was still a dream. It was the fourth scary dream that night. This time she fought the sleep and knelt down to pray. Her greatest fear revealed to her in a dream. She looked at her daughter as she slept soundly on her own side of the bed and wished the dream didnt come to pass.

At 5.45pm her alarm rang, with barely a wink of sleep since her fourth and final dream for that night she stood up grudgingly to prepare breakfast for her daughter to take to school.
“Isioma,” she called her daughter’s name and shook her slowly to wake her up to prepare for school. She thought to herself, she’s all mine and nothing or no one is going to take her away from me.Bathed and fully alert, being always the inquisitive girl, Isioma quizzed her mum.
“Mum, why do we have night and day and why do we sleep at night and are awake during the day?”
“Mum why is breakfast called breakfast?”
Her mother lost in thought smiled to herself. My little madam, at four she ask such intelligent questions.
She was juggled back to memory when she heard her little sunshine scream
“Madam eat your food, you are going to be late for school”.
She hurriedly stuffed her mouth with the remaining food. With her backpack behind her, she was ready to go to school.
“Let’s go already”. She screamed .
“Okay, little miss sunshine”.

Alone with her thoughts, her dream rushed back and she shivered knowing the effect if it happend. She ran inside and clutched her bible close her chest and cried, praying and wishing her biggest fear doesn’t materialise.

Kpom Kpom. She jerked back from her sleep when she heard the noise. It might not be my door she thought. Kpom! Kpom!!. She jumped up, with a minor flash back, realising that her dream started out this way. She thought of running through the back door, not prepared for what was behind that door. With the knock much louder this time.


Frightened,she walked towards the door, unhatched the hook and slowly opened the door.


To be continued…..


Thank you Nancy for your submission. We look forward to reading more episodes from you.


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Eghosa Igun
Eghosa Igun

Wow…This is intriguing. …bring on episode 2