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Submission Guidelines

  • Articles must be the original work of the writer. Please plagiarism is not accepted.
  • Guest posts on fiction, non-fiction, writing & publishing tips, personal development are most welcomed. (You can inquire to see if the post you had in mind will be relatable to the readers).
  • Submissions that include series must have been completed and submitted all at once.
  • Articles to promote a product or service or for the sole purpose of self-promotion is not regarded as a guest post.
  • You can send your documents and/or requests to (Word & PDF documents are accepted but preferably word documents).
  • Once your post has been approved, you will receive feedback and we can work on a proposed date for your post to get published.
  • You are allowed to submit along with your submission, a bio of yourself including your blog address, or social media pages for reference purposes. 

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