Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year bigbennytheory readers!!!! ?☺️


Last year (2016) was an amazing year for and for me. All thanks to God. I want to say a big thank you too to all of you for making my year as well. Without the readers and supporters of, I guess there wouldn’t be any blogging or motivation to move forward.

I am more than happy we all made it to see another year. Many did not jump into this new year with us and it is not because we were/are better than them or because they didn’t wish to see this year. It is just by the grace of God we are alive and able to wish our loved ones including family and friends a happy new year. My prayer for you is that this new year brings you abundant blessings, constant rejoicing, non stop celebration and zero dissapointments. I pray that all that you have set out to accomplish this year would turn from words and goals to celebrating those accomplishments. I wish you success in your jobs, schools, businesses and in every area of your lives. May 2017 not only be better than last year but be the beginning of a better, positive and fulfilling years to come. Have a wonderful journey through this year. I pray we will all come back to wish each other a happy new year again. One love! ❤️


Benita from Bigbennnytheory



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