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I Honestly Miss My Young Blogging Days/New Changes

I miss blogging. I miss the days when I was super excited to share whatever thoughts or projects I had come up with. I miss when I stared at the publish button as if waiting to give my answer to a proposal. Sometimes life’s responsibilities push us away from the things we love especially when we get engulfed in its demands and forget to nurture what was truly important to us. But maybe many of these things happen for a reason and maybe I needed to learn some more to share some more. 

 I started blogging roughly 7 years ago and then it was so fascinating because I was new to the blogging world. I didn’t know anyone that blogged or knew that many bloggers. I believed I opened up to 3 blogs at the time and tried different content with them (only God knows why I had 3 blogs). I went from being the reposting blog to an entertainment blog, then fashion, to storytelling, memoirs, food, you name it. I was exploring my interests and trusting the process because after all, I truly enjoyed content creation.

 So I see that some of you still visit this website and may have probably followed me from the start but if not, I would still love to meet you, to know you, to know why you kept coming back, to know what you loved/what kept you engaged, to know if you are also a blogger, to know if you still read blogs and to just hear from you.

I’ve been planning on niching down this website to focus on only literary works which include all forms of storytelling, whether fiction or nonfiction (and maybe general lifestyle contents as opposed to food) which I believe is for the best. Food contents that were also shared on this website have and will always be a huge part of me which is why I am dedicating my youtube channel to that part of me. I know many people have been visiting the recipe sections from my stats which has seen an increase in the past weeks probably due to the lockdown and everyone cheffing it down in the kitchen but I would happily share more of those contents on my youtube channel which you can find here. 

How’s everyone doing amidst the crisis though? I hope you are staying at home and staying safe. I hope you are also not harbouring fear and you are instead trusting in God. What are you up to during this period? For me, I am currently preparing for some exams and to fully go back into content creation.

As we take a break from what we know as normal, let us continue to reflect but rest and trust in God through this process. We will definitely come out of this stronger. I can’t thank all the workers enough who are at the front line helping to battle and control this virus or serving the community in many other ways. Their services and courage are very much appreciated. I know that this too shall certainly pass.  I hope you have a great weekend guys! Until the next post, don’t forget to say hi. ☺️☺️

Benita Okafor

Benita Okafor is a Content Creator whose brand is based on Storytelling, Food & Lifestyle Blogging.

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