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I Married A Mad Man, Part 2 (Episode 2)



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We were up until it was very late and we were the only ones in the lounge. Sometimes, it went quiet between us because none of us said anything and other times he made some physical contact to let me know that he was there for me. After I checked the time and saw that it was really late, I told him that he needed to go home and rest so I escorted him to his car where we both hugged and said our goodnights. When I got back to my hotel room, I felt so much better, almost like a weight had been lifted up from my shoulders. Before he had left, he told me not to bother coming in to work the next day. I had refused and said I wanted to be at work but he insisted that I take a day off. Mr. Francis didn’t say much while we were talking except he tried to make me believe that David was not right for me. By the end of the night, I told myself that it was time for me to leave David.

At that point in time, I still did not tell anybody about what was happening including my mother whom I was closest to in my family. I did not want to bring shame or disappointment, at least so I thought. My parents were going to be angry and disappointed with me if I had mentioned a thing about divorce. Divorce was not a word in the vocabulary of my parents but as far as I was concerned, my decision was to go on and divorce David whether or not they were happy with it. I was just tired of waiting for the David I knew to come through and stay. Through it all, I never for once thought to go on my knees and speak to God. Yes, I did pray a few times but never was I able to really let God into my heart or open my ears to listen to him speak. I just didn’t feel any connection or I lost connection rather. I planned on going back to the house because I could no longer stay at the hotel. I had also made a decision and wanted David to know about it.

After staying a week in the hotel, I went back home. I got home that evening after work with all my belongings that I had taken with me. The security guard helped me with my suitcase and I carried the rest of my items into the house. I didn’t meet David at home so I managed to do a few things before he returned. When I saw David, it was almost like I was meeting a stranger for the first time. I didn’t know what to say to him neither did he know what to say to me. He didn’t even say he was sorry. He had called me a few times while I was away but I didn’t want to talk to him during those moments. As soon as he was done taking a shower, he came into the living room, sat at the couch opposite mine and put on the television. I had been busy going over some work documents when I closed it and told David that we needed to talk. Of course when I said that, he got furious and said that I had been avoiding his calls all week and now was trying to get him to talk to me. I explained to him that I was still mad but he ignored and told me that he was not ready to talk to me as well. I got angry and told him that I didn’t like the fact that we were acting like children so he got even angrier and raised his voice at me. While he was talking, I blurted out that I wanted a divorce and he went quiet. He didn’t say anything for a moment before he left the living room in anger. I followed him into the bedroom and mentioned that I wanted a divorce again before he looked up and told me that he was not ready to talk about it. I dropped the topic and left the room in confusion and anger.

I was tired of David’s behaviors and so badly wanted to walk out of the situation not looking back or thinking twice but then again I was starting to hesitate and think maybe I was making the wrong decision. I would find myself constantly thinking about the little things Mr. Francis said to me about David not being right for me. Initially I had seen Mr. Francis as a wrong person to give me advice on marital issues mostly because he said he wasn’t married and also because he was my boss but many times, I felt better after talking to him. Eventually I got a call from my mother who wanted to know about my well-being. She asked about a lot of things including David of course. I told her all was fine but she somehow noticed I was lying. She asked me to tell her everything that was bothering me so I complained yet again about David and his behaviors excluding the part where he supposedly impregnated my friend. Following that, she assured me that she would come see us soon so later that weekend, I went to open the door to my mother. I had ensured that David knew she was coming so he wouldn’t leave the house before then. David did get angry when I told him that my mother wanted to talk to us. He called me a child and a spoilt brat for speaking to my mother about our issues. Even though I told David that I didn’t let her know about Vanessa being pregnant for him, he was still mad. He made me think that I was very immature for speaking to my mother. I truly didn’t want to until we sorted ourselves out but at that point, I was lost. I didn’t know what to think or how to deal with the situation. When my mother came through, she spoke to us like any mother would speak to her children. She spoke with wisdom and compassion. I only hoped David heeded to her words. During the conversation, I found that David who had at the beginning kept a strong expression began to soften and reverse the fold that formed from his angry lines on his forehead. I glanced at him several times when my mother looked at him. Regardless of that moment, I was still burning with anger from last two nights when he had called me names for speaking to my mother about us.

When my mother was done talking to us, she told us to look at each other. That moment was one of the most awkward moments I had ever had because as soon as I turned to look at David, our eyes met and I saw David, a soft David. There were tears already forming in my eyes and so were tears in his. Mine dropped first as I burst out into tears. We hadn’t even said anything to each other but I could feel the tension that was already in the air. It was almost like we both had a lot to say but words couldn’t find our tongues. David later stood up and came to sit close to me where he put his arms around me and kissed my forehead. He let me know that everything would be alright and said to me that he was sorry for everything he had put me through. I sighed in relief and in my mind thanked my mother for showing up. Maybe things would not have to turn out worse after all.



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[…] To read I Married A Mad Man (Episode 2), click I Married A Mad Man, Part 2 (Episode 2) […]


[…] If you haven’t read the previous episode, click I Married A Mad Man, Part 2 (Episode 2) […]