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I Married A Mad Man, Part 2 (Final episode)



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One day, I eventually got a call from David. I had been very shocked to see his call mostly because I thought he would have deleted my number and wouldn’t want to cross my path again. I, on the other hand, hadn’t erased his numbers because I hadn’t completely moved on. I picked up his call and there was a silence before we both chanted a ‘hello’. He greeted and so did I before he said he really needed to see me. We didn’t talk for more than five minutes before I ended the call. One thing I had learned and was advised to do by my pastor was open my heart to forgiveness. She told me that I needed to forgive the wrongs of David, Vanessa, and even Francis if I even wanted to be forgiven by God. It was a very hard lump to swallow. Although I believed I had forgiven them, my heart proved otherwise. It was never at peace and the thoughts of everything I had experienced brought a rush of anger but eventually, I let them free from my heart and I felt peace again.

I ended up meeting with David at what used to be one of our favorite spots as a married couple. It was a nice and quiet restaurant. I had been a few minutes late because David was already seated and waiting for me at a table. I walked up to him and the first thing he did was stand up and go for a hug even though I tried averting it. He ended up giving me an awkward side hug before taking his seat. Many people would have said I was crazy for meeting up with my ex-husband after all he had put me through but I was glad I did. We didn’t say anything to each other for a moment until he asked about my well-being and the baby that I never even spoke to him about. I already guessed he would have heard about it but coming from his mouth made me feel like I hurt him even though he was the one who fell out in our marriage. After talking about how we were fairing separately in our new lives, I finally asked why he needed to see me. He brought out an envelope and handed it to me, gesturing for me to open it. I did as he said, thinking it was something related to our divorce and what not but when I looked through it, I took a glance at him and raised my eyebrows in amazement. The paper read that the DNA test he carried out on Vanessa’s baby showed zero percent paternity therefore he was not the father of her child. As much as I was shocked, I asked why he needed to let me know and he said he got suspicious of so many things after he found out I was pregnant and could even get pregnant. We had both actively tried to have a baby that didn’t work out and then I believed it was my fault. He said he felt something was wrong so after being convinced to do a DNA test, he went in for one. When the results of the test came out, he got even more suspicious and started digging out many of the lies Vanessa had told him as well as analyzing many things he hadn’t previously noticed. He asked me one question that puzzled me. He asked if I ever cheated on him while we were married. The look I gave him revealed how stupid I thought his question was and how angry it made me feel at that moment but I replied with a no. When I replied, he placed his hands on his head like he missed something or had just lost someone.

After looking at his expressions, I urged for him to talk so he explained to me everything Vanessa had used to brainwash him into believing I was in love with my boss and had been cheating on him with him. I couldn’t believe all the while I thought David and Vanessa had an awkward but calm relationship, Vanessa had been feeding David with lies.  I couldn’t even understand how she could come up with such things about me. I used to tell Vanessa almost everything, whether it be about work or even my marriage. She knew when David did something nice for me and when David bought me something fancy. When David even started with his misbehaviors, I ran to her for help and told her many things that ended up adding salt to my injury. I ran to her first instead of running to God and it cost me my legs. She knew everything but never did I think she would use the opportunity of our closeness to destroy my marriage. I was hurt because I knew I had crossed the limit and also felt bad that David didn’t trust me enough to even ask. David went on to say that the reason for many of the things he put me through was because he thought I was lying and cheating on him behind his back. He thought he had lost me to someone else and so his revenge and way to heal was through aggression and cheating on me with her. He said even after that, he felt bad and wanted to resolve it all but part of him was still upset because he felt I wasn’t doing right by him. The only thing I remembered telling Vanessa about someone who made advancements at me was a male client who my company at the moment partnered with. The day I spoke about it, it even came out as a joke on how unserious some men could be. It never occurred that my words would be twisted and used against me. I blamed myself yet again for giving out what I shouldn’t have and for keeping what I shouldn’t have. I realized I made my marriage very public to Vanessa and didn’t pick up many of the things that went unnoticed. I listened to Francis who also advised and aided me in getting my divorce done. And after running to them and seeking their own opinions, I ended up losing everything. I couldn’t take back anything because It was too late. I knew David was never the one to talk about wrongs did to him by others but I didn’t think he would keep such from me for such a long time even while we were still filing for a divorce. Before we got married and even a few months into our marriage, we used to tell each other everything even when I did wrong or right by him but it all changed. David went on his knees to plead and ask for forgiveness. At this point, tears did not cease from running down our eyes. David’s tears sent shivers down my spine and caused me to tear up the more. He confessed that he made a very big mistake the day he chose not to talk to me about what Vanessa told him and the day he started maltreating. He said he was sorry for not trusting me, for not confiding in me and for everything he had to put me through. I will not lie and say that I wasn’t hurt because my heart was torn in pieces. I didn’t know what was going to happen next but I opened my heart to forgiveness and I received David with opened arms. I also couldn’t help but ask him to forgive me for making our marriage a public affair.

Although my marriage ended from the need to share my marriage matters with others, lack of communication and trust, I realized that most of my problems began the moment I disregarded God and took him for granted. It was when I allowed the world determine my next steps and not God. It was when I left the comfort of God’s embrace that the world began to tug me down. David and I stood up, giving each other the longest hug we ever shared and honestly, there was not a single doubt that David wasn’t sincere because I had left everything in God’s hands. Even after I went back to God, things did not immediately get better but they eventually got better. From everything I experienced, I knew not to take God for granted because indeed, you do not bite the hands that feed you or else the ground will be your royal plate.




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Aww! I was hoping with Vanessa ‘s evil deeds revealed Isabella and David would come together. If Vanessa’s baby is not David’s could he be the one with a medical problem? I am glad Isabella was able to forgive David and draw back God. Interesting story but it ends with too many unanswered questions. What happened to Francis and Vanessa? Did David divorced Vanessa? Is there any future for the 2?


Well , wat i think is dat, in every relationship between a husband &a wife, there’s no perfect marriage. But one can easily build it wit strength, luv,peace, and faith