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Jide's hunt for a wife (episode 2)


It was a Friday night and well I was happy. Who wouldn’t? I had finally ended the very hectic work day. I was really looking forward to the weekend. Anyway, a friend of mine, a different one, invited me for a get together at a lounge in one famous hot spot. He was single too but that was because he wanted to. He had personally told me that he invited a few people and had asked his other lady friends to invite their friends so it was probably another opportunity to continue my wife hunt. I thought to myself that maybe this time, God will send one for me.

So I got to the place and there were a few people there already. I could see a lot of pretty faces and guys including the ones that had dates and the one that didn’t. I, unfortunately was among the ones that didn’t but no stress, at least I wasn’t alone. I went over to take a seat at one of the vacant seats close to this lady who looked like she was lonely. I was already smiling in my head that just maybe this time, I made it. So I sat close to her and didn’t say a word to her for about five minutes until the thought of another guy going over to talk to her pushed me into saying ‘hi’. She looked up at me and I saw the most charming smile I had ever seen. She was indeed beautiful. I asked if she was having a good time and she just said it was okay. From there, we started talking. We got to talk about different things, just basic things though. I didn’t want to come off as the desperate guy badly in need of a wife so our conversation was smooth. I even found out that we had some things in common. We talked for about thirty minutes before it hit me that she could be taken already. I didn’t want to it to be that I was flirting with a brother’s babe so I asked;

“So where’s your date? Haven’t seen him around.”

“The party didn’t require one to have a date but no I didn’t bring a date.” She replied.

“Yeah I know, don’t mind me.”

“So what about you? Didn’t bring a date too?”

“Yeah, I’m single so no I didn’t”

“Well, you don’t have to be single to bring a date”

“Yeah true”

At this point, I was pressed to ask her if she was single. “So any special guy in your life?” I asked, with the words just slipping out of my mouth.

“No actually, I just got out from a relationship.”

“Oh! I’m sorry about that”

“Naaa, it’s okay.”

Things went awkward for a while before I finally broke it by asking her if I could get her something to drink. She asked for a soft drink so I went to get drinks and returned to see her talking to some other guy. I looked at the guy with so much anger because I hoped he hadn’t already stolen my shine. They seemed to have been having a good conversation with the short time I left because she was laughing and smiling widely, unlike when we were talking. I went over to meet her when she introduced the guy as an old school mate. They had gone to the same secondary school. He had been her senior and also liked her blah blah blah. All I could think of was I hope you don’t like her again and when would he be gone already. I dropped her drink right beside her and watched as they were engrossed in their conversation, reminding themselves about their secondary school days and what not. I stared at the drink I was holding and almost cursed it. I hoped my day which was already going great wouldn’t just end due to the stupid drink that was in my hand.

To be continued….

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Is it me or does he have tough luck? Perhaps he’s looking in the wrong places. This guy is hilarious. …talk about stealing his shine…you would think he was in a fierce work related competition.