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Jide's hunt for a wife (episode 3)



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So let me skip that whole episode and spare you the details. At the end of the day, the guy had a girlfriend so my shine wasn’t over. We exchanged numbers and I went home a happy man. When I got home, I wasn’t sure if I should call or text her so I took a shower and went to lay in bed, thinking of what to do. I finally decided to text her after pondering for a while.

“Hey! It’s Jide.” I texted.

“Hey….I know that.” She replied about two minutes later.

“Lol, I just wanted to know if you were home now.”

“Yeah I am. Just got back not too long ago. You?”

And that was how we pretty much started texting back and forth until I raised my guts and decided to call her. She didn’t pick on the first ring, not sure why but I finally got a response on the second. She said she had to do something quickly, that was why she didn’t pick the first call. It wasn’t a problem so we talked anyway. I honestly don’t know how we managed to keep the conversation going because we had been talking since the get together at the lounge. She eventually called it a night and ended the call. You should know I was smiling throughout the night because I believed I would soon be taking my iyawo (wife) home. At that point in my life, I didn’t even need to spend up to a month with a woman before referring her as my iyawo.

In case I didn’t mention her name, it was Olayinka but for short, Yinka. Yinka and I started going out on dates before we eventually became a ‘couple’. I was even going to introduce her to my mother but she tried shutting down any conversation involving her meeting my parents or me meeting hers. I didn’t want to rush her into anything so I listened to her and we stayed happy like that. Yinka would always visit me and not only come to see me but cook for me (especially one of my favorite dishes, egusi) and stock my fridge, do my laundry and so many other things. In my mind, I already knew she was who I wanted to marry. All these was just after two months of being in a relationship.

One day, Yinka came to ask me for some money for a treatment her mother needed. She said her mother needed to go to the states to undergo a surgery. Mind you, I still hadn’t met her parents and she wouldn’t let me either. Anyway, I gave her about two million naira that I could afford because I was ready to do anything for her. She was obviously happy and told me that I had just saved her mother’s life. I didn’t even ask what kind of surgery or treatment her mother was going for, I just gave the money she had asked for.

Two weeks after, she asked for some money again for her sister who supposedly just got admission into the university. She said she needed to fund her sister’s tuition as she was the only one they looked up to in her family. This wasn’t a problem for me as it wasn’t even up to a quarter of what I had given her before for her mother’s surgery. My suspicion didn’t come in full force until a sixth time when she came to ask me for more money for her father who needed to undergo a spinal cord surgery in India. This time around she asked for double the amount of the cost of her mother’s surgery. My bank account was already crying from huge transactions and I was very close to being broke. Before giving her the four million naira she asked for, I insisted on seeing her parents because I had never even received a call from any of her parents or relatives directly to show appreciation for helping them. Yinka only told me they showed their appreciation. After going on and on, arguing about me meeting her family, she finally agreed to let me meet them.


To be continued…..

Watch out for the final episode of Jide’s hunt for a wife.


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[…] If you haven’t read the previous episode, click Jide’s hunt for a wife (episode 3) […]


Dude! you have got to be kidding me! Four million what? Are you that desperate? Eish!!! This is a nightmare! This guy just disappointed me…so much money! My goodness!!!