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Jide's hunt for a wife (episode 4/final episode)



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After our big argument, Yinka took me to meet her family five days later. When I saw Yinka’s ‘family’, I was surprised because Yinka’s parents looked more like siblings to her than parents because they looked younger than I expected. It was not a problem because I knew parents could look younger than their age but Yinka’s father who was supposed to be having a spinal cord surgery soon was walking and bending just fine even though he tried to act like he was in pain. She had previously mentioned that her dad couldn’t walk properly and needed support so when I saw him doing things on his own, I was definitely surprised. Yinka’s sister who she said was admitted into the university looked like she was just going into the senior secondary school. After the meet and greet, I went home alone and tried to analyze everything. Things were not just adding up, Yinka acted weird throughout the time I was around. Her parents couldn’t answer some questions regarding her. Something wasn’t just right so I decided to do my investigation. You wouldn’t believe what I found out. I found out that Yinka’s parents were not the ones she introduced me to, she only had older brothers and her parents were fine and didn’t need surgery. All lived somewhere in Osun, far away from Lagos where we stayed. Her ‘friend’ who she introduced to me as her roommate was also in her plan to extort money from me. I had been a target and had been stupid enough to fall for their tricks. All because Jide was hunting for a woman to call a wife. I finally gave up looking for a wife. I sat back and didn’t bother looking at all the women’s fingers to look for the one I would put a ring on. I told my mother about everything even though I didn’t mention Yinka to her while we were still a couple because Yinka didn’t want me to. Yes, call me stupid but this definitely taught me many lessons.

As I was saying before digressing, I told myself that I would let Jesus fix my life and he did. My mother advised me to pray to God for a wife and be serious about it instead of trying to find one with my efforts alone. She spoke some sense into my head and God made me sane again. After my experience with Yinka, nothing pushed me into hunting again. I just focused on the advice I received from my mother (God bless our mothers) and let God take charge.

After about six months, I was already healed from my previous experience and ready to move on. Eventually, I met Laura, a beautiful woman of God who changed my story to victory alas. No I didn’t meet her in church but she did take me to church. She was an epitome of a virtuous woman. I later got married to Laura two years after we met. Yes, I was now Jide the…..(what do you think?). One thing I learned is that sometimes, we can only find what we are looking for when we stop searching for it but even with that, you must involve God in everything you do. For without God, nothing is possible but with God all things are definitely possible. And please don’t let what you think is love make you a foolish man/woman. Love is not blind but instead, it gives you sight to see things far beyond your own world.


This story may have been quite funny or interesting to read, I only hope you get the message of the story.




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I love the closing sentence! I really like this story…especially the point made that man’s wisdom is limited. This is why we must surrender our plans to God…do your best and let God do the rest. Thanks for sharing a beautiful work of art.