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My Boss (episode 6)

I married a mad man-3

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As angry as I was, I thought it would be stupid to confront Sebastian in that manner especially because we were at work, I didn’t want to lose my Job yet, and because we weren’t even dating. I sucked up all the anger and left for my desk. I made up my mind not  to speak to him, just yet. Anyway, I got to my desk and did some paperwork until my shift was over. I was so happy the day had come to an end because I couldn’t wait to go home and just relax. After all I saw that day, I thought I needed to think about my life as usual. I was always not lucky with relationships or things leading to one. I don’t even have girlfriends to share all of this with. That was how lonely I was. I know you would say, what about college friends but trust me, That’s a different story on its own.

I got home around past ten in the evening because I had to stop over to get groceries. I wanted to make my mama’s special recipe. At least, that made me feel a bit better whenever I was down since I’m also a lover of food. As I dropped my bags, a call came in and immediately I guessed it was Sebastien in which I was right. I picked up the phone and ended the call, rolling my eyes at it. “A grown man……pssst,” I muttered to myself. Not long after I ended the first call, he called again and I ended the call again. This happened for about five minutes until I got a text message from him. I didn’t want to read it because I knew the obvious. He would ask why I was ignoring his calls and I wasn’t ready to reply him yet so I left my phone on the kitchen counter and went over to wash my hands so I could start cooking. It wasn’t even up to another five minutes before my phone rang again.  Okay, this time, I got so pissed. I was ready to let all the anger then and there when I saw the caller Id. It was from my boss. Well, the number wasn’t saved on my phone because his full name appeared on my screen. I was very shocked to see his call by 10:30pm so I picked it anyway;

“Hello?” I said the first time but I didn’t hear anything and so I ended the call. I thought of calling back but I told myself that it was probably a mistake as it was already late. Just when I was about to get back to my cooking, he called again and this time, I was able to hear because he cleared his throat before speaking. He apologized for the first call and said someone had been messing with his phone. Just then and there, I heard a lady’s voice and immediately he said,’sorry and goodnight’ before ending the call. ‘That was awkward’ I thought to myself. I continued with the cooking, surprised that Sebastien had stopped calling. I went back to my cooking and after, had a sumptuous meal.

The next day at work, I had a few things I needed to get done as usual and so I tried to finish them before lunch break. I hadn’t seen Sebastien and didn’t want to see him either. I continued with my day’s work and a moment later, my boss called me and asked to report to his office immediately. I wasn’t really sure why but I went anyway. When I got there, he only apologized for the previous night and gave me more work to do.


As usual, I was really fast with doing all the paperwork so when I was done, it was left for me to take it to the distributing department. My God! How much I didn’t want to go there because I knew Sebastien would be there. When I got there, I didn’t even look at his office door, I went straight to the other lady in charge. I handed her the documents and turned, heading my way back to my desk when I heard my name. It definitely had to be Sebastien so I ignored and kept on walking. The next thing, he grabbed my arm which caused me to pause. I turned and looked at him in the eye.

“Why don’t you just leave me alone, okay?” I shouted causing a scene. At that point, everyone was looking at us. He let go of my arm but before I left his sight, he insisted that we go out and talk about why he was being ignored. I didn’t reply, just kept on walking and he disturbed me no further. I sighed in relief as I sat down on my desk with my hands resting on my desk and one supporting my forehead.


I was just really tired and frustrated.

To be continued…..

Next episode comes up tomorrow.

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