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My Boss(episode 13)


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A week and some days later, I had been spending so much time with Mr. Alexander during lunch break. He took me to a different place where he said enjoyed eating and one time asked me to show him my favorite spot as well. I mean things went on casually, although I didn’t think I would be spending so much time with my boss especially because it wasn’t about work and also because of the serious man he appeared to be.

One Friday evening, just when I was preparing to leave for my house, Mr. Alexander came up to me and asked me out for dinner. He said it almost like we were going for our lunch break. We hadn’t been able to go for lunch earlier that day because we were very busy with work. He also said it was to make up for our missed lunch break so I agreed even though it came as a surprise. People were still at work and I expected him to be in his office still working as usual but here he was asking me out for dinner. We left the office not too long after he had given instructions to one of the staffs. He took the wheels and drove into the night so I tried to relaxed even though I was very nervous. After about half an hour and still not at out destination, I decided to ask where we were heading to. Just when I asked, he pointed at a building by my right. It looked like a hotel but it was a restaurant I guess, though very big with lots of colorful lights and fountains. As soon as he parked, I stepped out of the car and waited for him to lead the way. He locked the car and stretched his hand towards me gesturing for me to hold it. That got me lost in I don’t know what to call it. My boss holding my hand? Like common Siphiwe, there’s more to all this but me trying not to jump into conclusion felt like he just was being nice and wanted to lead the way since he was the one who brought me there. With our hands entwined together, we walked up to the entrance of the building. Immediately, an employee dressed in the same uniform as others walked up to us and called out Mr. Alexander’s name. Apparently, my boss reserved a table for us and I thought it was supposed to be an impromptu dinner. As we sat, he smiled at me and I didn’t know whether to reciprocate or ask questions out of curiosity so I looked away feeling very shy now.

“Siphiwe, I know what you must be thinking and I’m sorry if you feel uncomfortable but I just wanted to take things slowly.” He finally said but I wasn’t sure I heard properly. Take things slowly? Am I missing something. I’m out here with my boss in a place I haven’t even been to before and everything was looking so fancy. Am I on a date date and I didn’t know about it? Like I don’t mean a casual friendly date but like an actual date that doesn’t have to do with business or casual talk. All these were running through my mind until I was brought back to reality by Mr. Alexander.

“Siphiwe? Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m alright Mr. Alexander.” I finally said. “I just got lost in my thoughts for a while. I’m sorry.”

“How about Alex for a start? I understand why you might be thinking. I have always wanted to say that uhm…” He started but paused for a while before continuing. “I have been watching you and you seem like a nice…I mean you..”

He kept trying to find the right words but when he couldn’t, he said;

“I like you Siphiwe, I’ve always wanted to say it but was too scared, not scared but like nervous. Okay maybe a bit scared that you wouldn’t be very accepting.”

I sat there dumbfounded. What were my ears listening to? Was I dreaming or possibly imagining things. ‘You like me?’ was the first thing that came out after staring at him for a while.

“Yes! Miss Siphiwe Adams. I wouldn’t say ever since the first day I met you but ever since I started working with you, I noticed some very attracting traits that you possess. I mean not just physically but every other aspect.”

From that sentence and his movements, I could tell he was really nervous. Everything just felt really awkward. I mean from the stern boss I knew to the one I saw with different women when I just started working to this man sitting in front of me and looking like a young teenager who just admitted to his crush about his feelings. I didn’t even know where to start from. Wasn’t he even in a relationship? I asked myself. When I saw that I was in no position to answer my questions. I opened up and asked “Alex” all that I had been bottling in. I asked about the women he frequently saw even though that didn’t come out well. I also asked about us being colleagues and what not. He told me that he cut off every other person he used to see and blah blah blah. I mean from there, we started talking about a lot of things. It was almost like magic. One minute, things were awkward because we were both trying to open up to each other and the next thing, we were talking and laughing like we were best friends. We ordered our food and ate and just dined until we were tired.

After a full night, Alex (yup! I’m switching up now, it’s no longer my boss or Mr. Alexander except maybe at work) dropped me off at my apartment. I waved goodbye and watched him drive off leaving me in nothing but red cheeks. I had been blushing all through. How could my boss have noticed me all this while? I just had the weirdest feeling that night. The one filled with confusion, curiosity and excitement. Something that I don’t’ think I had ever felt before.

To be continued….


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