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My Guest Cooks with Maryam Shitta (Episode 1) Lemon Coconut muffins, Basa fillet, Stir fry Coucous and many more

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Good day family,

Wow! it’s been a hot minute. I have been away, haven’t I? Well I haven’t forgotten you all. You know when I’m away, I actually think of you guys and everything I hope to come back with. It’s like a mother buying sweets for her children on her return from the market. In other not to digress, let’s get right into the goodie goodie I have brought for you today.

I decided to add a little zest to our channel (yes it’s ours, me and you) on youtube by including a section called My Guest Cooks where I will be inviting different people including friends and family and just about anyone who has a passion for cooking. Trust me, it’s a lot of fun. This was our first shot and I couldn’t help but say that even with all the struggles of setting up, planning and all, it was an awesome and fun process. You can also send me a message if you would like to be featured. I would be more than happy to welcome you to this space of ours. So if you would like to see the very first episode of My Guest Cooks featuring Maryam Shitta, then please click the link below to watch the video.

My Guest today, Maryam Shitta, is my sugar bun and dear friend who is also a chapter president for spoon university at the university of Manitoba. Spoon university is a great platform and community of food lovers and all things food. If you have a passion for cooking, food photography, food articles and you just love food, then it is a good forum to join. You get to connect with different people from different and get to attend fun events and festivals and let’s not forget that you get to learn different skills that could take you to the next levels with photography courses, marketing courses and so on.

Here’s is a link to find out if your school has a chapter.

Here’s a link for university of Manitoba chapter.

Remember we can only get better. Let me know what you think. Would love to see your feedbacks and what you think we can do to become better. Enjoy!!!!

My Guest Cooks With Maryam Shitta (Episode 1)


Sneak peaks of the food we made on this episode.




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