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One Night Out (A Short Story).



It was a Friday night and I had been reading for my midterms. I shared a room with one my friends, Demilade who we referred to as Demi. She hadn’t been around so the room was peaceful and quiet unlike when she was around. Just when I had gotten so engrossed in my reading, the door opened and Demi with two of our other friends came in. They were all dressed up in party clothes and nobody needed to tell me that they were on their way to the club or a party. As usual, they came in making noises and talking in very excited tones. I closed my books and stared at them with a frown until I caught their attention.

“Oh sorry Wunmi!” Grace and Stella said.

“What is it sef? Every time book, book, book. Is it only you that wants to pass?” Demi said jokingly even though she was a little serious.

We were all laughing at her statement until she said I would be going out with them. I looked at her face to try to find the joke in her statement but she put on a very serious face. I shook my head and told her that she had to be joking because I was not planning on going anywhere with them. Grace and Stella already joined in trying to convince me. Apart from the fact that I had midterms, I had never been to any of the parties or clubs they either went to or not because that wasn’t my thing. Even with that, I had heard different stories about things that happened at these clubs or parties so I wasn’t just about to say yes. One time, we heard in school that at one of the clubs that these same girls went to, there was a serious fight that led to someone pulling out a gun. Or even the other time that I heard a girl was raped after being drugged. I know not all were that bad or risky but the ones they attended weren’t just normal parties or clubs. No way was I going to put myself at risk. So I kept turning them down because I really didn’t want to go. The next thing I knew, Demi picked up all my books and refused to give them back. I formed a serious face and asked her to give them back but the stubborn Demi refused. When I saw she wasn’t ready to release it, I begged her for it. I was literally begging her for my books. Grace and Stella on the other hand were supporting her. I wasn’t surprised anyway.

After about ten to fifteen minutes of pleading and Demi ignoring it, I decided to join them because I felt like they wouldn’t let me be if I didn’t agree. As soon as I agreed to join them, they jumped up and screamed in excitement. Demi was busy telling me that finally I would be attending my first party on campus with them. I dreaded that moment because my mind wasn’t even in the party they were thinking of but I thought maybe if I went out with them this time, then they wouldn’t disturb me again. I put on a dress but they all complained and asked if I was going to church. It wasn’t even bad. It was a straight dress that was just a little below my knees. They complained about it but I told them that if they really wanted me to join them, they would have to allow me wear what I wanted. After giving them that condition, they didn’t fuss anymore. After dressing up, we all waited for our ride. Demi said she had our ride taken care of so we talked until her phone rang. When she got off from the call, she said that we could start going towards the school’s gate because our ride would be there in about two minutes. We got to the gate and waited for about ten minutes before the car showed up. There were two guys in the car, one driving and the other at the passenger’s seat in front. We all entered and sat at the passengers’ seat at the back before Demi tapped one of the guys. She complained that they had lied to us but the guys laughed and said it was intentional because ‘ladies were never ready on time’. I rolled my eyes and held my anger. Mosquitoes had already finished our legs and they thought it was funny.

After about five minutes on the road, the guy driving spoke out and said that he could see a new face. I knew he was referring to me because I had never joined them on any of their rides. Demi introduced the guys to me and I couldn’t say any other thing than ‘hi, nice to meet you’. We finally got to our destination and I could hear the loud music being played. It was almost as if a festival was going on. From the main entrance to inside the building, people were everywhere. On one corner, it’s either you see people smoking, talking, drinking, laughing, kissing, or dancing. Every thing you could possibly think of was going on everywhere. I was already hating and regretting the fact that I went with them. I wasn’t the partying or public gathering type and so I was already feeling uncomfortable.

At first, when we went inside, me, Demi, Grace and Stella were all sitting together but after a while, they began to disappear one by one, telling me that they would be back. Each were being dragged up by a guy to dance with them. I was already panicking because I really wasn’t ready for that. I had been planning on what I would say to anyone who approached me. I sat there for about twenty minutes, even though three guys already asked me to dance with them in which I turned all down. They were all even drunk so I wasn’t going to allow them use me to practice nonsense. I got bored and tired so I picked up my phone to see if I could keep myself busy. Mind you it was already a few minutes past 1:00am. I looked up and saw Desmond, the guy that drove us to the party approaching where I was. In my mind, I was hoping he was just passing by but he wasn’t. He came over and sat at the seat close to mine. His breath stank of alcohol and I could tell he was tipsy. I tried holding myself together because if I didn’t, I would throw up with the smell that was going through my nose. The place was stuffy and smelly due to the people that were sweating from dancing, the smoke from people smoking and just the amount of people that were in there. Desmond started a conversation with me and as much as I didn’t want to talk to him, I did. He asked a lot of questions from what year I was to how old I was. Many of his questions I didn’t answer. I just felt like they were quite personal for someone I just met. He finally said something that got me really pissed. He asked if I wanted to follow him to the washroom. And usually when these guys asked you that, it meant they wanted to have sex with you in the washroom, literally. I turned him down and told him that I was a Christian but he laughed. I didn’t expect less so I kept a straight face. He then went further to ask if I was a virgin and even though I felt like it was a personal question, I boldly said yes. He laughed again and said;

“C’mon, why all the front? It’s just between me and you. You don’t have to lie. Besides didn’t you come here to have fun?”

“You know what, how I ended up here was actually a mistake. Please excuse me.” I said, leaving him still seated there. I wasn’t about to sit down and get even angrier by a guy that thinks he can just take any lady to the the toilet to have sex with her. Maybe it was my fault for being there in the first place, so I thought. I looked around to see if I would find any of my friends but they were not anywhere that I had checked. I finally decided to go outside to take some fresh air because I was getting choked up inside. While outside, I found out that they were more guys than girls outside so I started panicking again. Every horrible story I had heard about parties started hunting me so I picked up my phone and dialed Demi’s number. She didn’t pick up after the second ring so I called Stella and Grace respectively but they didn’t answer either. I was heading inside when Stella called me back and without hesitation, I picked up the call. I asked her where she was and if she had seen the rest but she said she only just found Demi and hadn’t seen Grace. I told her to give the phone to Demi so I could speak to her. When I heard Demi’s voice, I told her that I was ready to go home. She agreed and said we would after we find Grace. So after we met up, we went to look for Grace together. It wasn’t until we looked everywhere we found her outside at the same spot I was staning before I went back inside. She looked like she was drunk because she was sitting down on the floor and not saying a word. After we lifted her up and was about going to where the car was parked, these set of guys approached us and told us to go back that the party hadn’t ended. At first, I thought I hadn’t heard right. Was there a particular time people were supposed to go home? Demi spoke out and said that we had an emergency and needed to go home but the guy refused to hear us out. He still insisted that we went back. I was already getting pissed and tired because Grace’s weight was pulling me down. Her weight was on mine and Stella’s shoulders so I told my friends to keep walking. Demi had looked at me like I was crazy but I started walking anyway and because I was holding Grace with Stella, she had no other choice than to follow me. Demi later joined us and the guys didn’t do anything. They only watched us as we walked past them.

When we got to the car park, Demi didn’t see any of the guys that came with us neither was the car there. We thought maybe they had parked somewhere else so Demi called them but none picked their calls. It seemed like everyone threw their phones aside at the party. We didn’t even know where we were so we couldn’t even find a way to get on the bus or motorcycles. Even taxis were not around there. I began to wonder if everyone at the party came in personal cars because no public transport was around. Suddenly, the same guys that told us to go back to the party showed up looking very angry. One brought out a gun and threatened to shoot if we disobeyed. At that moment, I felt like God had warned me not to go for this party and I did, giving in to pressure from my friends. All what I had been hoping wouldn’t happen was beginning to happen. My heart was racing and I was in panic. In my mind, I was calling Jesus to help us. I had never heard in my entire life of a party that you are forced not to leave. Grace who we had been holding was already passed out so her weight caused even more pain to my shoulders because she was not in control of her body anymore. We started walking back to the building when we heard three gun shots coming from inside. My mouth opened in shock. I thought that was the end for me. I looked at Stella and then Demi who were looking even more scared than I was. All I could think of was God please help us. Just then, the guy with the gun ran past us and got into the building. There were just two left who were walking behind us. One already told us not to think of running but I wasn’t going to listen to that. I gave Stella and Demi signals to get ready to run when I gave them the go ahead. One of the guys left us too so we were left with the last one who didn’t seem like he would hurt us. I was looking at my friends now to let them know that it was almost time to run when the guy said;

“You girls should start running now. Leave this place and find yourselves out of here as fast as you can.”

His statement came as a surprise because I thought he was with the other guys. Nobody needed to tell us twice before we thanked him and took to our heels. As heavy as Grace was, we found ourselves somewhere else. We were far away from the building so we believed we were almost safe. The problem was we didn’t have transportation. Where were we going to find one in this kind of area. Help finally arrived as a car approached us. At first, I thought it would be those guys but it was just a guy and two other girls in the car who offered to help us. They told us to quickly get in and without thinking twice we all entered. I don’t know how we managed to squeeze ourselves in but we did and were finally back to the road where other moving vehicles could be seen. I thanked them so much that tears dropped from my eyes. I couldn’t help but whisper ‘Thank you Lord’. What could have happened if we didn’t escape.

The next day was a Saturday and we heard about what happened at the party. The guy who was seated at the passenger’s seat in front when on our way to the party was shot with some other people due to a gang break out. Although he didn’t die, he was in a serious condition. Some people were caught and arrested while others escaped as usual. I looked at my friends who were all still sleeping beside me and couldn’t help but sigh in relief. What one night out almost caused.


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