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Guest Post: Pace setter by Ighile Nancy Eseosa (episode 3)

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She stared at the couch as if waiting for something to change. She paced around the house, first check in the bedroom that they shared together, wondering if she was fast asleep.

Finding the bed empty, her heart grew heavier as tears rolled down her cheeks. She often wondered what she was going to do without her daughter and how life would be without Isioma, all she could feel was reality stinging her and pretty hard. She went into the kitchen , trying her best to be calm. Biting her lips and wondering what next to do, she had maintained a low profile and didn’t want extra attention since she moved to the neighbourhood. Standing and almost wailing, she felt a tap and a sleepy voice of her daughter.

“Mum, where did you….

Not waiting to hear the complete sentence from her daughter who was obviously sleepy, she hugged her tight and allowed the tears flow. What would she have done she taught. With a firmer grip, Isioma exclaimed,”Mum, you are suffocating me”

A smile flashed across her face, how her daughter knew the word was a mystery and surprise to her but that was question for another day. Immediately she ran to the door, bolted and took her daughter inside and held on close, never letting go.

It was noon of the next day and her phone rang, she looked at the caller ID and her heart literally shattered.

“Hello” she answers in a crooked voice.

“It took you forever to take your calls”

“Good day Emeka”

“Keep your greetings , ungrateful sloth. Where’s my daughter and when am I seeing her. I have been patient and I think you are taking it for granted. It seems you want a repeat of the last episode”.

“You would see her soon”

“Soon isn’t good enough for me” he screamed.

After almost a year, she still cringes at the sound of his voice.

“Don’t make me look for you. Jane you won’t like it “. With that he ended the call.

She asked herself why she was still scared of him. After 6 years of a sham marriage, all the beatings and the numerous miscarriages. She was stronger but it just broke her down when ever he calls. Shaking and shivering she coiled up into a ball and cried her eyes out.

Daily she asked herself what went wrong. A relationship that started out in love and God suddenly crumble to dust. Love disappeared, respect vanished and all that was left was violence, tears, assault and low self esteem. Her phone rang again, looking at the caller ID. She sighed, knowing danger was lurking.

“Hello, Good afternoon mum”.

“Don’t mum me you sassy twerp, do I look like your late mother? Or do you think you look like me?. Anyway I didn’t call for you, bring our daughter. She doesn’t belong to a low life like you. She’s ours, understood?”

“Yes mum.. ma”

“Wipe that crocodile tears, you are not fooling anyone but yourself”.

She asked herself what she had done wrong in loving, caring and adoring her husband and his family.


To be continued….

Thank you for another episode Nancy.




Pace setter was written by Ighile Nancy Eseosa who is a Microbiology graduate. You can find her @ehhsosa on instagram and @nancyese on twitter.


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Lovely, story is gradually building up.


the story is not ended. does it has a continuation?