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Story updates?/Where have I been?

Hi everyone,

If you’re one of this blog’s followers and you’ve been stopping by to check the ongoing stories or new posts, you truly are so kind and I am truly sorry for slow updates. The reason why I haven’t posted is because I’ve had to take care of some personal issues and so I couldn’t update the stories neither could I blog. I do not want to promise but I will try my best to complete the stories and post them. What I intend to do now is to make sure that I have all the episodes completed and lined up for publication so you all don’t have to wait for so long before getting a new episode. I also intend to add more stories to the blog including very short ones. But besides that, I also have some new ideas and interesting things coming up that I would like to share so stayed tuned and please forgive me once again. I want to resume blogging without a pause so if I’m gone for a while, please endure and still come back. I will not abandon bigbennytheory. I hope you all have a blessed week. Thank you so much for your understanding.




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And i kept wondering where u ve bn. Take u timedl dear, we will be here wen u come back