My Guest Cooks with Maryam Shitta (Episode 1) Lemon Coconut muffins, Basa fillet, Stir fry Coucous and many more

Wow! it’s been a hot minute. I have been away, haven’t I? Well I haven’t forgotten you all. You know when I’m away, I actually think of you guys and everything I hope to come back with. It’s like a mother buying sweets for her children on her return from the market. In other not to digress, let’s get right into the goodie goodie I have brought for you today.

IMPROVISED COOKING: How to make tomato sauce/stew, roasted chicken and rice with a few ingredients.

Hey hey, Like I said, I want to be back for the better. So today I have a recipe to share. I looked into my refrigerator today and I could only see chicken, ketchup, mayonnaise, bottle water and what else…….I think that’s pretty much it. But that’s not the point. I’m here to show you …