An Open Letter To My Friends (old, new, and lost contacts)

Dear friends,

I hope you all get to see this and not get entangled in the busy business called life as we all have been throughout the year. This is just a little piece to let you guys know that I have been thinking of you, I’m truly grateful for you and also that I’m sorry if I never got to show for it. As we grow each year, it almost seems like

I Married A Mad Man, Part 2 (Episode 1) finally here!!!

Yes! I Married A Mad Man (Part 2) is finally here. Thank you all for your patience. Have a good read. Haven’t read part 1, go read all episodes here Before you read the first episode of part 2, please take note: In part 1, there were mistakes and a mix up with a character. Although …

Jide's hunt for a wife (episode 4/final episode)

  If you haven’t read the previous episode, click Jide’s hunt for a wife (episode 3) After our big argument, Yinka took me to meet her family five days later. When I saw Yinka’s ‘family’, I was surprised because Yinka’s parents looked more like siblings to her than parents because they looked younger than I expected. …