Before I do (Short Story)

I watch from left to right, smiling at the faces smiling at me, bewildered by the apparels worn by my witnesses. To my right was aunty Anne in her firmly tied gele blowing kisses in the congregation, uncle Jide with his big cream colored agbada giving me a thumbs up, Isabella standing in her little pink dress as she gazed at every detail on my wedding dress, and poor Michael crying to his mom while focused on the two components that stood on her chest.

I Married A Mad Man, Part 2 (Episode 3)

  If you haven’t read the previous episode, click I Married A Mad Man, Part 2 (Episode 2)  ******** A week went by and it was just like any normal week. David and I still hadn’t sat down to have a conversation pertaining to Vanessa’s pregnancy or our relationship. We only had simple conversations like how …