What? It’s 2019? Happy New Year!!!

What? It’s 2019?

Wow! Just last year we were all talking about what’s to come in 2018 and the lot we pray to accomplish in 2018 and then poof it’s all gone and here comes a new year again. First and foremost, happy new year guys!!! I pray this year shall be fruitful for you and your family. All that you set your mind to accomplish this year shall be accompanied by God’s unending grace and favor in Jesus’ name. Amen

Am I finally back? Updates continued? Blog Anniversary! Please read.

Hello all, Oh! How I’ve missed blogging and everyone. This post is to announce that I have resumed blogging and so more articles, tips, guest posts, stories and much more will come up as old stories are also being updated. Thank you all for your patience and if you’re new here, you are very welcome …