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The Bridal Series (Child Marriage)

I know you are all about to criticize me for being away last week and I’m actually very sorry (I feel like I say this very often but it’s not my fault. Please understand ?). Last week was my finals week and I had three consecutive exams to prepare for (it was more like read, write exam, back home, read, write exam, back home) so there was no time to write or post or even rest. I’m sure you all understand. Thank you for your patience. I didn’t forget you all as I also thought about a lot of things I hoped to post once I was back. I would definitely be finishing the ongoing series soon and introducing new ones most importantly a bridal series that you would soon be reading about. Thanks to bigbennytheory readers, I really really appreciate every one of you.


A new series (The Bridal Series) is officially introduced to The Bridal Series includes stories relating to and emphasizing on Child Marriage. These past months, I’ve thought about introducing this particular series because of the so many documentaries and true life stories I’ve read and heard about girls forced into marriage at a very young age. There were times I read and heard about these true life stories and I couldn’t help but shed tears. I cried knowing that the hands of the clock couldn’t go back and their childhood couldn’t be recovered. A lot these girls are turned into slaves, get pregnant at a very young age, get infections, get depressed and even die in marriage. I’m talking about girls aged 10, 11, 12, 13….and so on (in some cases, even younger). They say their parents give them out due to reasons like poverty or culture and traditions. I personally started this project because I want to try to do something even if it means creating more awareness so that people who can intervene will do something about it. I mean, the issue of Child Marriage did not start today but it almost seems like many people don’t care anymore or have forgotten that it still exists. Many children need our help, as individuals and as a society. You might ask, how can we help? In one documentary I viewed, young boys and girls started a project in their village to crash every marriage that was to hold when an underage girl was involved. I mean, as little and silly as it sounds, this prevented many unethical/unlawful marriages from taking place. The same goes with sharing and creating more awareness. This will get people to talk about it including people who may actually be able to do something about it. Please be a helper today and share.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who has sent emails with suggestions, encouragement, and contributions. You are all very amazing people. I pray that God continues to bless you and use you to put smiles on the faces of others. Have a wonderful week!


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[…] Read about the bridal series here The Bridal Series (Child Marriage) […]


[…] Read about the bridal series here The Bridal Series (Child Marriage) […]