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Today I decided to finally publish this post that I left as a draft for a very long time. It’s just a little compilation of what most Nigerian parents say/do. We all love our funny Nigerian parents, don’t we? Everyone has different experiences and you may not relate to some yourself but I’m sure you know others who can relate. Please read and don’t forget to share.

1.) Top on the list is Nigerian parents usually don’t accept that they are wrong when they are actually wrong. Oh my! Don’t even try to tell them that they are because it is either they get even angrier or wipe you off the surface of the earth. 

2.) Never say something is difficult because the reply you will get is: “Others that have done it, do they have two heads?”


3.) They do not want to hear that you have a boyfriend/girlfriend but when your university days are coming to an end or when they are over, they expect to see your future husband/wife at their doorstep. 

4.) They say ‘thank you’ or don’t respond when you say ‘I love you’ which is always an awkward moment even though they truly love you.


5.) They will send you on errands that will leave you hating the word ‘errand’. 200-13

6.) They can wake you up in the middle of the night to send you on errands.


7.) When you are younger, they will collect money gifts given to you by visitors and tell you that they will save it for you (even though you know it’s not the case).

Let me save it for you alright? ?

8.) When they borrow money from you, don’t expect it back. When you ask them for it, their reply goes as thus: “Who bought and gave you everything you have now?” 200

9.) They expect you to be top of your class. No child of theirs can take anything less than the first position.

No 1. or nothing.


10.) When you follow your mom out and you’re being offered food or gifts but your mom already warned you not to collect them, leaving you in a state of confusion when she smiles and tells you to accept it in front of them. (Should I collect it or not?)200-8

11.) When you ask for permission to go see a friend and they say, ‘Can’t they come and visit you instead?’ 200w-3

12.) Don’t expect you to lie but tell you to say ‘my dad/mom is not around’ even when they are or say ‘I’m on my way’ when they are just going to take a bath. 200-10

13.) When you don’t finish your food and you want to throw it away, you’re nothing but dead.200-16

14.) You’re not allowed to insult your siblings but they (your parents) are allowed to insult you. 200-18


15.) Insert yours here.


Does any of these relate to you? And what did I leave out? Let me know in the comment section below;

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