We’ve all gone through a lot in life even if it’s just once. if you’re that boy or girl who’s always called a loser in school, if you’re that man or woman who just lost your job, if you’re that business man or woman who just lost your clients, if you’re that girl who just got raped, if you’re that man or woman who just got jailed for doing nothing, if you’re that man or woman still seeking for a promotion, if you’re that person that’s always referred to as “dumb”, if your that person who doesn’t have the opportunity to display your talents, if you’re that worker who never gets his/her full pay of salary after a job well-done, if you’re that orphan, if you’re that person always called ugly, if you’re that person struggling with any problem at all. I’ve got one word for you. “YOU WERE BORN TO BE GREAT”. The fact that you’re going through all these problems and even more doesn’t mean your life is a mistake. These problems only help you become strong and a better person. you do not have to blame yourself for what you’re going through because the only reason why you’re going through all this is because you are being trained for the better future ahead of you, whether young or old. Positivity is the key to a healthy mind and when you have a healthy mind, it adds a lot to your life. The power of positive thinking is greater than the many problems, pains etc. you’re going through. Always remember that “because you had a rough past doesn’t mean your future isn’t bright”, as far as I’m concerned. We were all born to be great. Learn to stand up for what’s right no matter what. you deserve to be happy and never let the past distract you from realizing you were born to be great. Positive thinking is the way.

Benita Okafor

Benita Okafor is a Content Creator whose brand is based on Storytelling, Food & Lifestyle Blogging.

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