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What? It’s 2019? Happy New Year!!!

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What? It’s 2019?

Wow! Just last year we were all talking about what’s to come in 2018 and the lot we pray to accomplish in 2018 and then poof it’s all gone and here comes a new year again. First and foremost, happy new year guys!!! I pray this year shall be fruitful for you and your family. All that you set your mind to accomplish this year shall be accompanied by God’s unending grace and favor in Jesus’ name. Amen

 A lot happened in 2018 with me, this blog and its contents. You know one of the things I learned in 2018? It’s not how long it took but what was learned and valued in the process. For so long I’ve had this blog, there’ve been a few changes here and there, from changing my domain name to putting a halt to contents for two of my listed niches, feeling discouraged for having done so much wrong or so little and taking so much wrong steps or so little (at least I thought they were) but I realized that it has only pushed me to do better (please don’t roll in the oh so cliché tags). Trust me when I say this, it pushed me to do better. I always felt like I was doing everything wrong and coupled with a lot of other depressing situations that life can sometimes throw at you, I thought it would be impossible to ever see growth but guess what? I did see growth. Well, not exactly the kind of growth I was expecting and hoping it would be by the end of the year but there was definitely growth. I am grateful for 2018 and the lot that I met, things I discovered, some of the decisions I made. I am super thankful for the people God placed in my life from family to friends who in one way or another had a positive impact on my life. What more can I say than glory be to God who made it possible.

So what’s to come in 2019?

Hmm 2019…

Here’s what to come;

  • A more productive me.
  • A more positive life.
  • Better contents.
  • A few more changes.
  • More focused and specific contents.
  • More useful and detailed contents we will both find helpful.
  • A better year.


Cheers to a beautiful 2019 with you! ?So how’s it going to be for you?


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