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YEJIDE (episode 15/final episode)


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Two weeks later, Dupe eventually gave up the ghost, leaving Yejide and others in shock and grief. Everybody already found out that Dupe was sick but nobody suspected that she would be gone so soon. It had been another day with Yejide sleeping on the chair that was just by her bed when she woke up after a nightmare. Before she went back to sleep, she had decided to check Dupe who then had lost her breath. Yejide saw the signs and thought her friend was lifeless so she went out looking for a nurse. When Dupe was checked, she was announced dead by 5:00 that morning. Yejide had almost gone unconscious when she heard this as she fell to the ground and wept. She struggled with the workers who were trying to hold her at this point while Dupe was seen taken out of the ward. It was over. Her friend’s life was over. Kelechi had been contacted so when he heard the news, he came to get Yejide.

Dupe was later buried at a general cemetery since not a trace of her family members could be found. Dupe had previously told Yejide that she was alone in the world and didn’t have any relatives as far as she knew. Oga Lucas, mama ejima and some of their neighbors and friends as well as Yejide and Kelechi, were gathered together before Dupe was laid to rest. It was a dark period for Yejide as she was never seen smiling or saying much. A week later, after’s Dupe’s burial, Yejide decided to go take her own test for any sexually transmitted disease. She hadn’t thought about herself ever since Dupe’s illness so this time, she went in to see a doctor. She gave her blood sample and after it was analyzed, she was called to come in for her test results the next day. She had been very nervous that morning upon been contacted but when she saw her results, she sighed in relief. She was free from any disease. The doctor had spoken to her before she left, advising her on various things as well as emphasizing on the need to stay safe as many illnesses don’t appear until it has probably reached its peak. She thanked the doctor and left for her house where she met Kelechi waiting outside for her. As usual, he had come to check up on her to be sure she was fine and didn’t need anything.

Yejide and Kelechi became really good friends. They had a warm relationship but one day, Yejide thought to ask about his fiancé that she had only seen twice since she got to know Kelechi.

“Kelechi? What about your fiancé? Doesn’t she talk when you come to see me or help me?”

“Yejide……I know I haven’t told you but we ended our relationship some time back. I didn’t bring this up because of what you were going through at the time and just because it didn’t matter.”

“Ahn Ahn Kelechi why you just dey tell me? What happened? How come?”

“You know, like I said, it’s because of what you were going through at the moment. Yejide……” he said sighing before continuing, “…I found out that she wasn’t the woman I was to marry. As crazy as it sounds and as painful as it hurts. I knew we couldn’t end up together if I didn’t want the worst. I spoke to God about us and I was led in a different direction. A direction I was not expecting……”

A few months later, Kelechi helped and pushed Yejide into learning a trade after she said she didn’t want to go back to school and so she started her own little business that soon expanded. She eventually got to open her very own tailoring store where she had about three others workers. Yejide tried and worked really hard, putting God first in all that she did. She even became a recognized worker in the same church she gave her life to Christ, the same church she had been invited to by mama ejima. Hadn’t she picked up that invitation and decided to attend the program, perhaps things would have turned out differently. She couldn’t believe she had been able to break the walls that had been preventing her from seeing the fresh spring, her new life. She had in the previous months spoken to some of her friends and people who used to be in the same prostitution business as her, concerning the dangers and consequences of being involved. She had convinced them into giving their lives to Christ like she did but many of them, even after hearing this and the death of Dupe, did not concede neither did they decide to do something better for themselves. Some believed they had made it that way and didn’t need any other thing while the story was different for others. Everyone had their decisions. It was up to each of them to decide their faith.

Three years later, Yejide was seen walking down the aisle to meet her soon to be husband. As she got to the altar, she looked up at the man whom God had used to save her from the hands of the devil. The one whom she previously ignored, thinking he was a nuisance and had nothing to offer. She cried knowing that she did not picture herself getting married to a wonderful man. She cried knowing that her friend was not alive to witness everything. She cried knowing that God had shown her mercy and made a way, even when her back was turned and even when everything seemed as though it was over. She cried knowing that even with all the circumstances, God put a smile back on her face. She couldn’t believe someone as God fearing, educated, and talented could end up with her. As tears dropped down from her eyes, Kelechi put a hand to her face and wiped it off with his thumb before the pastor began the ceremony. After the pastor had gotten them to say their wedding vows, the whole crowd watched as Yejide and Kelechi exchanged rings.

“I do….” Yejide said as Kelechi placed a ring on her finger.

“I do….” Kelechi said as Yejide placed a ring on his finger.

“By the power invested………….I now pronounce you husband and wife…….” The pastor said in the declaration of their marriage before he introduced them as Mr. and Mrs. Iwuchukwu.

After much celebration and singing praises to God, family and friends gathered together in a hall to celebrate the newlyweds. Yejide had forgiven and reunited with her relatives who kicked her out after many years. They all danced and rejoiced at her wedding. Everything had been put behind as Yejide thought about the wonderful future and plans God had for her and her husband, Kelechi. Hope had been like a heartbreaking torment but when God was involved, the story was different.



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