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YEJIDE (episode 4)

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As Yejide got home, she went into her flat and sat on her bed thinking of what to do next. She remembered that Dupe had mentioned that she kept some money inside a small purse that she keeps in her wardrobe. So Yejide stood up and went to check for the purse in Dupe’s wardrobe. She opened the bag that Dupe had told her to check in and looked for the small black purse. It wasn’t long when she found it so she brought it out, opened the zip and removed all the money that had been kept there before putting the purse back where she had found it. As she kept everything back in order, she opened her purse to bring out all the money she possessed as well. Seating up on the bed, she counted the money she had gotten from Dupe’s purse and saw that it was up to nine thousand naira as Dupe had said while she recounted her ten thousand naira before adding both together. All she needed was eleven thousand naira and she had told herself that she would try to get it that night.

Later in the evening, she left her house around the same time she usually departed for her late night business, dressed in a short dress and small inch heels. She took a bus to a totally different area where many other prostitutes lurked around but this place was much more isolated. There were not much buildings or houses around except a brothel that she had one time promised she would never step her foot on. She believed that the area wasn’t as safe as where she usually went to because the brothel was exclusively for prostitutes and their clients. There were usually drunks, scary looking people who manage to come around every night and she didn’t want to face any consequence. She had been there before and the last time, some men fought over one of the prostitutes. She just didn’t want to get involved but she believed that if it was the only chance of helping her friend out of jail, then she would try her luck.

She got into the brothel and headed to the bar where many men gathered to choose their ladies for the night. It wasn’t even long when Yejide found a customer. He took her to a room where she gave herself completely to the man. He looked much older but that never even crossed her mind, as according to her, she was there for business. When the man was done with her, she got paid and left the room going back to the bar in order to find another customer. They were fewer at the bar now because it was about 2:30am but she still found a customer. He took her to a room and completely gave herself to the man as well. She spent longer hours with him than the first man but that only increased her money as she changed her strategy that night. She got paid and left the brothel immediately, believing that she had come up with the sum needed to bond her friend out of jail. She actually told herself that she had thought it would be hard for her to come up with the money but it was certainly easier than she had thought. She made about twenty-five thousand naira that night. However, the thoughts of what she did to obtain the money crossed her mind she could only sigh. She managed to get to the house by about 6:00am where she went to take a bath before going to sleep. She had wanted to go to the police station but she believed it to be too early so she rested for about two hours before setting out for the police station.

She got to the police station and went up to the front desk, asking to see the inspector general but she was told that he hadn’t been to work yet so she was asked to wait for him to resume. After about thirty minutes of waiting, the inspector general, the man who she had spoken to the day before, came into the building and all around him were policemen saluting him. When he saw her, she stood up, escorting him to his office. She sat down when she got into his office, apprising him of the money that she had brought to bond her friend out. He looked surprised because he didn’t expect the girl who was pleading and saying how penniless she was to appear the next day with the complete sum of money required for her friend’s release. She was asked to meet the cashier at the reception area to cash the money but meanwhile she was given a few forms to sign. After all the necessary procedure and signature needed, she left the inspector general’s office for the cashier’s desk. She got there and paid the money so after all was done, a phone call was made to let Dupe a free lady. Yejide couldn’t help but express her joy. As she saw her friend who still wore the same clothes as the previous day with hair and face looking very untidy, she hugged her happily regardless. “I don dey tink say I no go fit help the matter but I thank God sha.” She said to her friend Dupe. Dupe was given the rest of her property and told to leave, never to break the laws again. She could only thank her friend Yejide who had helped her.



To be continued….


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[…] If you haven’t read the previous episode, please click YEJIDE (episode 4) […]


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