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YEJIDE(episode 9)


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When the program was getting to the end, the first timers were asked to be on their feet as they wanted to welcome and recognize them. Yejide tried as much as she could to remain seated but when she glanced at mama ejima who had been watching her, she stood up. With hands stretching towards her, she shook as many hands as she couldn’t count. They were all so happy and welcoming that it actually made her smile.

The program finally came to an end and after the church had warmed Yejide with their hospitality, she sat at a corner waiting for mama ejima. Mama ejima on the other hand was with some of the members of the church who were at a corner, hands entwined to each other and praying. They prayed for a while and then got dismissed. Just as mama ejima was walking towards Yejide who was already standing up from where she sat, mama ejima was stopped by another woman who seemed to stir up a very important conversation with her. At this point, Yejide became a little impatient. She had started squeezing her face when Kelechi, the leader of her group discussion during the program walked up to her.

“Hi, sister Yejide right?” he said, smiling widely at Yejide.

“Yes” Yejide said, trying to fake a smile.

“I’m Kelechi. Nice to meet you and you are welcome to our church.”

“Thank you.”

“I hope we will see you some other time. We are always happy to receive new members.”

Yejide didn’t know what to say so she smiled and nodded in response. In her mind, she had hoped that the conversation would end there so she could go home with mama ejima but mama ejima didn’t seem to be done with her conversation.

“So you live around here?”

“Yes I do.”

“Oh great! That’s nice. I live around here too.”

Just when he said that, mama ejima was seen walking towards them.

“Okay, it’s nice to meet you Yejide. Have a nice day. Have a nice day ma.” Kelechi said after bowing at mama ejima as a sign of respect.

“Have a nice day Kelechi. Greet your mum for me.”

Mama ejima looked at Yejide and smiled just after Kelechi left. She apologized for keeping her waiting and so they left the church together. When they were on their way home, they saw Kelechi again driving by, who called out and asked if they needed a lift home. Yejide had hesitated because she didn’t feel comfortable so mama ejima told him that they were fine before waving him off. Mama ejima didn’t bring it up because she felt it was normal when you didn’t know someone so they got into the bus after waiting a few minutes at the bus stop and headed home. During their ride home, mama ejima had asked Yejide if she enjoyed the service. She nodded her head and told her that it was okay.

When they got home, Yejide went into her flat and didn’t see Dupe as usual. Dupe wasn’t the stay at home type so it wasn’t surprising. Yejide looked at the time and saw that it was past two in the afternoon. She hadn’t spoken to Eric neither had he called her so she went over to her bed and laid down. Bringing out the food they had shared at the church, she grabbed one of the spoons that was inside the bowl just beside her and started eating. When she was done eating, she laid on her bed and immediately the electricity power came on . She smiled as she saw the ceiling fan rolling before getting comfortable in bed, then falling asleep.

After two days, Yejide got a call from a number whose name was not saved on her phone. She picked it up and heard the sound of a familiar voice.

“Good afternoon sister Yejide, this is Kelechi from faith sanctuary.”

“Oh good afternoon.”

“How are you doing today?”

“I’m fine, thank you.”

“Sorry to disturb you. I’m part of the follow up team so I just called to check up on you. I hope everything is fine.”

“Yes everything is fine, thank you.”

“Okay. We missed you in church on Sunday and wanted to know if everything is okay.”

“Eh yes, I couldn’t come. Everything is fine”

“Okay. We will be expecting you soon, sister Yejide. Thanks for your time. Do have a blessed week.”

As the call ended, Dupe who had been staring at Yejide throughout the call broke out in laughter and said;

“Let me guess, na your church people. You see why I don’t like accepting all these church invitations.”

“No be my church people na. Abi oo. And I was trying to avoid all these.”
“Stay there! This is just day one.”


To be contiuned…..

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